This Food Is Ugly

Oldest, 10.  Youngest two, 7.

Anamniote eggs from a frog.

Frog eggs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My children can taste food with their eye balls. 

It sounds like some fantastical piece of science fiction, but it’s true.  I’ve seen it happen.

My wife and I will make something for dinner and put it on their plates.  The very second these kids lay eyes on whatever it is, their super powers kick in and they declare they don’t like it.  We reason with them.

“You like noodles.  You like chicken.  You like cheese.”

“Yeah,” my oldest is the spokesperson, “but not together.”

“At least try it,” we plead.

“We don’t like it.”

“How do you know, you’ve never even tasted it before!” says my wife.

My son chimes in.  “It doesn’t look like the food we like.”

My youngest daughter adds an extra reason. “It’s ugly.”

How do you refute ugly?  Disgusting is another one.  Sometimes the food we make is ugly and disgusting.

This same daughter got Gilly for Christmas.  Gilly was a frog.  Well, he wasn’t a frog right off the bat.  We sent away for him and he arrived in the mail as a tadpole.  We set up a little aquarium in her room and she fed him tadpole food until he grew into a frog.  At some point, our cat had frog’s legs for an afternoon snack, but that’s another story.

One afternoon, we were in my daughter’s room with young Gilly as she was scooping out some of his tadpole food.  She dumped the powder in his water and it started slowly sinking to the bottom.    We put our faces up close on either side of the aquarium and watched it slowly drift down through the water.   I looked at her through the glass and said, “That stuff looks blechky.”

Then, without a care in the world, this child – who routinely refuses to eat the food we prepare for her – informed me that Gilly’s pale, green, fishy smelling powder, “doesn’t really taste like anything.”

So, to sum things up; dinner was ugly, but the frog food was okay.


“Hey, dad?”

Sorry – got to go.  More later.


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